Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arts Equity is honored to welcome Thomas Rheingans and the "Live at the Fries" Concert Series under our production umbrella. Thomas Rheingans (Rivergoose Records) and Llewellyn J. Rhoe (Arts Equity) have collaborated and inspired each other here in Vancouver for almost a decade. They have finally joined forces to produce the "Live at the Fries" Concert Series and this season we are mixing things up a bit in an expanded seven concert season. We have even lowered our ticket prices during this economic recession. Tickets are available on or by calling 1-800-838-3006. Tickets are now on sale.

Each concert title will perform both a 2pm Matinee and and 8pm Evening show at the Fries Auditorium (on the campus of the Washington State School for the Blind) located at 2214 East 13th Street in Vancouver, WA.

The "Live at the Fries" 7th season includes:
*Dancing with the Gnomes -- October 30th
Shoehorn's Saxovision -- November 13th
The Jazz Nativity -- December 18th
Forever Fab -- January 29th
*Night in Tunisia -- February 12th
Contemporary Classical -- Date TBA
*A Piano Lover's Concert -- May 7th

*Tickets to these three concerts include dessert and beverage provided by sponsor Trader Joes.

Thomas Rheingans will take the lead in "Dancing with the Gnomes", "Night in Tunisia" and "The Piano Lovers Concert". The "Live at the Fries" Ensemble will grow and expand as various friends of both Thomas and Llewellyn sit in to flush out the musical ambiance.

"Dancing with the Gnomes" explores the Halloween Muse in this season opening concert. Thomas is joined by members of the "Live at the Fries" Ensemble.

"Live at the Fries" -- "Night in Tunisia" for Valentines Weekend is a mix of exotic rhythms and jazzy love themes. A "Night in Tunisia" will make for a weekend to remember.

Thomas Rheingans and the "Live at the Fries" Ensemble brings it all back down to Thomas' virtuoso mastery of the keyboard in this "Piano Lovers Concert" A concert performance of Thomas's new and old favorites and hopefully yours as well.

Llewellyn J. Rhoe and Thomas Rheingans collaborate on the holiday offering: "The Jazz Nativiity" as we celebrate the season of "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind." "The Jazz Nativity should keep you rockin' during the holidays.

Llewellyn J. Rhoe is going to take the lead on three shows by bringing some of Arts Equity's favorite musicians to the "Live at the Fries" stage.

"Shoehorn's Saxovision" -- International Tap Dancing Saxophonist Shoehorn returns with an updated "Saxovision". "Shoehorn" who works as a solo performer, bandleader, soloist, accompanist and sideman. Shoehorn is an original performance artist who creates music with his feet and dances with his horn. Michael Shoehorn Conley has combined organic body rhythms and sophisticated jazz forms and concepts into an entertaining spectacle. While specializing in sax and tap dance, he is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer, utilizing a variety of wind and percussion instruments, original poetry and songs and an ear for music from around the world.

Dusty Richards and friends take us on a magical mystery tour in "Forever Fab" January 29th. A concert for "Boomers who lived the music" and "children of boomers" who discovered their parents vinyl record collection. Join us for "Forever Fab" in January and enjoy an concert of the 20th century's most influential songs from the four boys from Liverpool.

We are going to feature some of Portland's finest Classical Contempory Composers who worked with Arts Equity over the past 15 years in our spring concert. Among them, Jack Gable of Cascadia Composers and North Pacific Music. This date is still to be announced, we will keep you posted.

Each program either features Thomas Rheingans surrounded by other singers and players or allows Thomas to sit in as a side man for others. Thomas Rheingans and an exotic mix of guest artists and musical friends will make up your season of "Live at the Fries"

Tickets are available on
or by calling 1-800-838-3006.

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