Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Blue Door Arts Equity Never Opened in Vancouver.

Arts Equity has over it's time in Vancouver looked at scores of buildings suitable to house our performance space. This is a building we looked back in January of 2009. The photographs were taken by Cara Cottingham and Christine Eagon. This space was a storage for costumes; which had included in it, forty or fifty years of costumes from the old Portland Civic Theater. Jack Booch (Portland Civic Theater) toured the space and identified for us the lineage of this costume collection. As you will see from the photographs, the extent of the collection. We were told about this space by one of our former patrons with the caveat that the basement space had recently flooded and we might be interested in what was down there. In an effort to help us see more of the potential of the space and to demonstrate to a potential landlord our sweat equity, five of us hauled 5 tons of water soaked and moldy ruined costumes out of the basement one afternoon...for free! Click here to view the still images.

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